Regional Director's Corner
January, 2009
Dr. Glen Newton Dr. Glen Newton,
North Central Regional Director
As I begin serving as your North Central Regional Director, I would like to thank my predecessor, Jim Nelson, for his five years of exemplary service to ACFA and our region. Thanks, Jim!

ACFA reached a critical point in 2008, and thanks to the work of the executive committee and those of you who made extra contributions, we have recovered from the financial hole we were in and are on a solid basis for the future. Other challenges remain, however, including rebuilding membership during these times of world economic slowdown.

To address these challenges, I ask you to join me in working through issues, resolving conflicts creatively and cooperatively, and taking advantage of opportunities to make ACFA "an innovative leader in the cat fancy," as called out in the ACFA mission statement.

As North Central Regional Director, I will be a problem solver, a coach, and an advocate for our regional clubs and everyone who shows cats in our region. These principles will guide my actions:

  • Decisions must be in the best interest of our cats and their humans.
  • We must continue the openness that the current ACFA leadership has displayed.
  • We must help one another by sharing best practices and promoting good sportsmanship at our shows.

As your regional director, I will

  • Actively seek your input and keep you informed of opportunities, issues, and decisions that affect our region.
  • Strive to increase membership and help clubs prosper.
  • Continue to maintain and enhance this ACFA North Central web site, providing resources for clubs and cat fanciers in our region.
  • Cooperate with ACFA’s national leadership and other regional directors to strengthen our Association.
Email me at or call me at 651-688-9504.