Regional Director's Email
December 7, 2011
End-of-Year Reminders for ACFA NC Region

Dr. Glen Newton Dr. Glen Newton,
North Central Regional Director

Fellow ACFA North Central Region Members,

Have you cast your ballot yet? All ballots must be returned so that they are RECEIVED at the Ballot Box NO LATER than 9:00 a.m. DECEMBER 13, 2011. That gives you just a couple of days to get that ballot filled out and in the mail, if you haven’t already done so.

The ballot and the instruction for filling it out are in the October ACFA Bulletin. My October 24 email to you outlined the proposals that you’ll vote on, so if you need more explanation than the Bulletin gives you, please refer back to that email. If you’ve already deleted it, you’ll find a copy on the ACFA North Central Region web site:  

In addition, if you haven’t yet renewed your membership, don’t wait any longer! There are two good reasons for doing it now. First, it helps ACFA if you get your renewals in as early as possible. Second, if you think you might ever want to run for an office, you’ll need to satisfy the continuous membership requirements.

Another deadline is fast approaching: Input for the 2011 ACFA Yearbook BY DECEMBER 12. Ray Benter is once again doing a masterful job of putting together the yearbook, and I hope that everyone who receives this email will personally thank Ray for his organizational work, artistic excellence, and attention to detail! Since some of you who will receive this email are not on the ACFA list, I’ve included a portion of Ray’s December 1 post to the ACFA list:

“The 2011 ACFA Yearbook is nearly ready to go to the printer.  I am aiming for December 12th as the last day to accept photos, ads and written material. 

“Unfortunately, many Grands, Double Grands, Triple Grands, Quad Grands and Supreme Roll of Honor cats, alters and household pets will be listed without photos.  But there is still time.  If your cat attained one of those levels during the last show season, now is the time to send the photo to me and pay the $10 to get it placed in the book.  (Payment info below)

“Thanks to all ACFA members who have placed ads and/or paid for photos to be included in this year's book.  Because of your support, I think this year's book will pay for itself. 

After showing all year, it’s time to promote your breed, your lines or your cattery with an ad to celebrate your accomplishments in the history of ACFA.  It’s also a good time to thank your friends, breeders, fellow exhibitors, judges and ACFA at large.  Your ad will appear where everyone will be looking – next to excellent photos of healthy and beautiful cats.  The editor will be glad to design an ad for free. All you need to provide are the photos and suggested wording. Your full color or black and white ad will be designed and sent to you for approval. See the ACFA Yahoo Group Files section for a price list for ads. 

“FRIENDLY FACES PHOTOS:   ------------------------------
In the Friendly Faces section, anything goes.  Funny photos are encouraged.  The fee is $10 per photo.

“RAINBOW BRIDGE PHOTOS:  -------------------------------
If you want to honor your special cat that is no longer with us, you may place a photo and any special words of affection in our Rainbow Bridge Section.     

Payments for Grands, Friendly Faces, & Rainbow Bridge Photos– Email the photo(s) to me at this address.  Send $10 per photo payable to ACFA Yearbook [check or money order (U.S. funds only)] to: ACFA, P.O. Box 1949, Nixa, MO  65714-1949 Or to the Editor, 5900 Walnut Hill Drive, Des Moines, IA  50312.  To pay by VISA, MasterCard or Discover call Central Office with your card number (417-725-1530).”

As of today, over 120 people have watched at least one part of Dr. Jill Kitson’s outstanding presentation, “How to Prevent Deadly Viruses in Your Cattery.” I urge everyone to watch them, whether or not you have a cattery, because of the insights they will give you about feline health. You can see them on the ACFA North Central Web Site or you can use this YouTube playlist: Jill presented this talk at the 2011 ACFA Annual, so perhaps some of you will see yourselves in the audience during the question and answer sections of each part of the presentation.

My next project will be to edit and upload Dr. Amy Hanson's presentation on Feline Dental health, "Sink Your Teeth Into the Matter."

The end of each calendar year can be a combination of joys and stressors. On the one hand, there are the joys in exchanging cards and visits with friends and family members; viewing the colorful displays that decorate our neighborhoods, malls, and downtowns; participating in special religious celebrations and watching seasonal musical and theatrical presentations. There’s also the special warm feeling you get from the happy smiles on the faces of those to whom you give gifts, plus knowing that your charitable giving has helped less fortunate strangers. On the other hand there are the stresses of decorating, cleaning, shopping, cooking, traveling, and pretending that you really adore Aunt Madge’s fruitcake. Even though there are no more ACFA cat shows until the Class Act show on December 31, I hope that each of you will find time this season to think about your ACFA family and the joys – and stresses – that we all have shared as ACFA members. Perhaps these thoughts will find their way into your New Year’s resolutions and will include a goal of doing everything you can in 2012 to strengthen ACFA, promote feline welfare, and make ACFA an even friendlier association.

And give each of your cats an extra scratch behind the ears.

Glen Newton
North Central Regional Director

Email me at or call me at 651-688-9504.