Regional Director's Email
October 22, 2011
North Central Region Judges, Upcoming Shows, and Pictures

Dr. Glen Newton Dr. Glen Newton,
North Central Regional Director

Fellow ACFA North Central Region Members,

I’d like to officially acknowledge and congratulate our recently-promoted North Central Region judges and judge trainee on their accomplishments and promotions.

At the semi-annual board meeting in February, the ACFA board made the following promotions:

  • Kari Prucha added Breed Training, Birman and like types, to her Specialty Judge status.
  • Mike Wilcox advance to Allbreed Training Judge.
  • Jim Nelson advanced to Specialty Judge. Gopher State Cat Club was proud to have Jim, one of the GSCC members, perform his first judging assignment at the GSCC show in April.
  • Carolyn Prucha advanced to Allbreed Judge. Central Wisconsin Cat Club’s April 30-May 1 show featured Carolyn in her first Allbreed Judging assignment.
  • Lynn Landers-Dickinson was licensed as a Household Pet Judge. In addition, at the August Annual, the ACFA board approved Lynn’s entry into the championship judging program.

Congratulations to Kari, Mike, Jim, Carolyn, and Lynn for their promotions, and thanks to all of our North Central Region ACFA judges!

In addition, Sandy Antcliff retired from ACFA judging at the end of September. Sandy, we will miss you and we thank you for your 16 years of service as an ACFA judge!

Jo and I have updated the ACFA North Central Region web site,, to include information – as much as we were able to find – for shows coming up in the next 12 months. Click the “NC Shows” button to see upcoming and past shows. Remember to email us your show flyers so we can update the regional web site.

Near the top of the list of shows you’ll find the Janesville Allbreed Cat Club’s upcoming show, November 5 and 6, and I encourage you to get your entries in early. If you scroll to the end of the page of upcoming shows, you’ll see that next year’s North Central region Awards Banquet will be hosted by Friendly Kat Fanciers of Iowa in the same venue where they hosted the 2007 regional awards banquet. Thanks to FKFI for volunteering!

You’ll also now find the presentation slides of all 80 of the region’s 2010-2011 Top 20 winners on the North Central Region web site. From the web site’s home page, click “NC Awards,” then the category you’d like to see – e.g., “Top 20 Alters.” (If a list of cats shows up instead of the pictures, your web browser has cached the old page and needs to be refreshed; for most browsers there’s a circular arrow or something that looks like a recycling symbol that will force your browser to get a new copy of the web page, so click that symbol and you should see thumbnails of the top 20 in that category.) You can click any individual picture to see a bigger picture, then move through the bigger pictures by clicking left and right arrows.

Finally, we’ve added more informal and fun pictures to the Picture Gallery on the North Central Region web site, and I invite you to enjoy them. We will soon be adding pictures from the Annual Awards and Regional Awards banquets, but for now, don’t forget to review Preston Smith’s photo gallery at, because they are only available through the end of October.  


Glen Newton
North Central Regional Director

Email me at or call me at 651-688-9504.