Regional Director's Email
July 23, 2009
Follow-up on the ACFA Annual

Dr. Glen Newton Dr. Glen Newton,
North Central Regional Director

Fellow ACFA North Central Region Members,

Thanks to everyone who provided input to me on topics that came before the board at the ACFA annual meetings, held in Concord, North Carolina, August 11-14, 2009. I represented the North Central region at those meetings, including presenting your comments to the rest of the board members. Jo Newton served as recorder for the meetings, and several other North Central members attended various meetings.

For the highlights, you can find Judy Eastwood’s summary of the meetings on the ACFA list. Look for an email from dated August 19.

In addition, I encourage you to read my Regional Director’s report, which I’ve posted on the ACFA North Central Region web site:

I’d like to call your attention to several temporary price reductions that the board passed during the meetings. Once again this year, from September 1 through December 31, ACFA will have a half-price pedigree sale and a half-price cattery registration sale. Furthermore, the three-year membership renewal discount from last year is also approved for this year through December 31.

It’s not new, but for those of you who are breeders, remember that you can prepay for individual cat registrations at a reduced price and get a slip for the new owner to register the cat.

At the IA Awards banquet the North Central Region was well represented. Not only were 41 of the top 80 cats in ACFA from North Central, but three North Central cats were honored for having earned their Legacy of Achievement:

  • Katzenfur De’Ja Blu of Rivertown, owned by Carl and Linda Sletten
  • Murrznpurrz Charmed of Chaos, owned by Deborah Wich and Jim and Suzanne Kralick
  • Chubby Cubby of Kits Kats, owned by Kat Doring

Each of these winning cats earned either top 10 regional or top 50 inter-American honors in three show seasons. Congratulations to their owners!

Another set of awards presented at the Annual were for the best three catalogs and flyers for the past show season, and Gopher State Cat Club won honors for the second best flyer of the year. Congratulations to Gopher State!

Glen Newton
North Central Regional Director

Email me at or call me at 651-688-9504.