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2021-2022 Show Season

Our Values: Friendliness, Ethics, Service, Fiscal Responsibility, and Professionalism

Our Mission
We are the keepers of the legacy of all cats.
In an environment of amity and mutual respect, we demonstrate our passion through responsible breeding, breed registration, cat shows, and public education - promoting the animal/human bond.

Our Vision
ACFA is dedicated to the principals of fairness, friendliness and ethical conduct as we:
- advance feline health and welfare;
- preserve and register recognized breeds and household pets;
- provide insightful guidance in the development of new breeds:
- engage in public education initiatives; and
- interact with the public at cat shows and other ACFA sanctioned events.

We unselfishly support our members in an environment of openness, friendliness, mutual support and respect. We insure fiscal responsibility and growth for future generations of members, are progressive in our growth and resourceful in meeting the challenges of our future to ensure the legacy of our cats.

Need a one-page spectator guide? Print our new, improved spectator guide, updated for the 2019-2020 show season with our newest breed, the Toybob.

It's one of several useful documents in the "NC News" part of this web site.

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