The ACFA North Central Regional Awards Banquet, October 4, 2003, was dedicated to the memory of Tom Herbst, with the following text in the program:

In Dedication to the Memory of Tom Herbst

Tom Herbst was an intensely unique individual, and we loved him for it! He was a devoted advocate and friend of cats, cat fanciers, and ACFA.

Tom supported ACFA with enthusiastic hard work, promotional boosterism, and ethical dedication to the principles on which ACFA was founded. He worked as an ACFA judge for over 22 years and served as regional director of the Northcentral Region, First Vice President and ultimately as President of ACFA.

When it came to ACFA, Tom was intensely businesslike, but with friends in the cat fancy, he showed he could also be intensely playful. It may have been this balance of energy in his life that attracted so many to him to call him friend.

Members of the North Central Region of ACFA are proud to say that Tom was a friend; he was one of us.

The links below are for the video shown at the ACFA 2003 North Central Awards banquet in remembrance of Tom. The video is about 3 minutes and 45 seconds long. The first 4 seconds and last 20 seconds are intentionally silent.

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Credits: Pictures of Tom at the 2001 ACFA annual were provided by Dave Hull. The pictures of Tom at ACFA cat shows were taken by Glen and Jo Newton. Dan Lalley provided the other pictures of Tom, which Ray Benter scanned. The video of Glen interviewing Tom was made by CTV15 volunteers Ruth Mason and Jeremy Brodin at the 2001 Cat Tales cat show. Glen Newton created this video remembrance.

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