2018-2019 North Central Regional Award Winning Kittens (Final)

1 Kanjo I Love Lucy 49.75 #2 IA
Tortoiseshell Van Persian Female
B/O: Candis Austin

2 Biankara Washburne of Browncoats 49.00 #3 IA
Blue-Eyed White Cornish Rex Male
B: Susan Mickey
O: Jeremy Basterash

3 Browncoats Zoe 46.58 #4 IA
Tortoiseshell Cornish Rex Female
B: Jeremy Basterash
O: Jeremy and Madeline Basterash

4 GAHlee Reba Mc-N-Tired of Valaming 46.50 #5 IA
Brown Patched Tabby and White American Shorthair Female
B: Gwendolyn Hornung
O: John and Jaimie Kirchhoff

5 Valaming Piper of Qaypurrs 46.17 #6 IA
Blue Point Birman Female
B: John and Jaimie Kirchhoff
O: Harriet Seehusen

6 Buctales the Snowmaine 44.33 #11 IA
Amber Eyed White Maine Coon Cat Male
B/O: Christine Buck

7 Rokstarr Roison Murphy of Evita 44.08 #13 IA
Copper Eyed White British Shorthair Male
B: Troy Weier and Brian Tripp
O: Brian Tripp and Jo Newton

8 Bluebears Powder Blue of Woodwillow 43.75 #14 IA
Blue British Shorthair Male
B: Richard Somers
O: Pamela and Alan Lanners

9 Lyati Milord Furbio McFluf 43.08 #16 IA
Blue and White British Longhair Male
B: Lyla M. Fauble and Patricia M. Day
O: Lyla M. Fauble

10 Woodwillow's No Shrinking Violet 42.81
Lavender British Shorthair Female
B/O: Pamela and Alan Lanners

11 Psycatics Rowan 42.75 #17 IA
Red Tabby and White Maine Coon Cat Female
B/O: Lorelei Cauffman

12 Browncoats River Song of Catsrule 42.25 #19 IA
Tortoiseshell and White Cornish Rex Female
B: Jeremy Basterash
O: Sabrina Ringquist

13 CDreams C J 40.21
Brown McTabby Maine Coon Cat Male
B/O: Melanie and Carl Galka

14 Lovely Laces Pandora 39.25
Chocolate Tortie Point Birman Female
B/O: Lacey, Dennis, and Sue Mehltretter

15 Tailsrus Dream Maker of SoftNotes 39.08
Red Tabby and White Kurilian Bobtail Longhair Male
B: Connie McIver and Lisa Stasiuk
O: Jo and Glen Newton and Lisa Stasiuk

16 Snowyhaven Polar Bear of Qaypurrs 38.67
Blue Point Birman Male
B: Donna K. Cramer
O: Harriet Seehusen

17 Biankara's Fiona the Brave 37.19
Black Sphynx Male Black and White Cornish Rex Female
B/O: Susan Mickey

18 Buctales Frosted Snowscicle 35.00
Amber Eyed White Maine Coon Cat Female
B: Christine Buck
O: Patrick and Maci Buck and Karly Chnupa

19 CDreams Halle Purry 34.54
Brown Patched Tabby and White Maine Coon Cat Female
B/O: Melanie Galka

20 Katteycasa Do You Believe in Magic 33.88
Black and White Sphynx Female
B: Karla Schmidtke
O: Karla and Randy Schmidtke