2016-2017 North Central Regional Award Winning Kittens

1 Davenny Milady Victorvicky of Lyati 49.08 #3 IA
Blue British Shorthair Female
B: Penny Allen
O: Lyla M. Fauble

2 Penelane Aidan of Wee Three 45.92 #10 IA
Cream Point Siamese Neuter
B: Michele Lukic
O: Lonnie Alitz

3 Wild Orchid of Ramatut 45.00 #11 IA
Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal Female
B: Olga Konkova
O: Janice and Chris Becker

4 Lonerock Trinka of Arctic Blue 44.17 #16 IA
Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll Female
B: Sue Villareal
O: Shelley Wood

5 Psycatics Cubby Bear of Theatricats 40.83
Brown Tabby and White Maine Coon Cat Male
B: Lorelei Cauffman
O: Wendy M. Meyer and Lorelei Cauffman

6 Silver Ash Windjammer of Chaos 40.58
Silver Tabby American Shorthair Neuter
B: Diane Rogers
O: Deborah and Dolores Wich

7 Ramatut Rico Suave of Theatricats 40.42
Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal Male
B: Janice and Chris Becker
O: Wendy M. Meyer

8 Katzjax Atlanta 38.13
Seal Tortie Point Himalayan Female
B/O: Kathy S. Taylor

9 Sunnyshores Sailor of Arctic Blue 37.54
Blue Point and White Ragdoll Male
B: Rachel Robinson Zimmer
O: Shelley Wood

10 Jordana's Buttercup 36.69
Brown Patched Tabby Exotic Shorthair Female
B/O: Carol R. Jordan

11 Psycatics Kodiak Hunters Moon 35.56
Brown McTabby and White Maine Coon Cat Male
B: Lorelei Cauffman
O: Michael Ollendorf, Rebecca Markvart, and Lorelei Cauffman

12 Purr-Cussion Nashville 34.88
Red Point Birman Male
B: Carolyn and Richard Prucha and Cynthia Anne Larson, DVM
O: Lacey Mehltretter and Carolyn and Richard Prucha

13 Kats Kits Blue Bear Necessities 34.79
Blue Maine Coon Cat Male
B/O: Kat Doring

14 Kernewek's Amanda 34.38
Blue Cream and White Cornish Rex Female
B/O: Barbara and Robert Jewell

15 Stormee Gwyn of Bigelowbengls 34.38
Silver Spotted Tabby Bengal Female
B: Elizabeth Smith
O: Chelsa Bigelow

16 Nicely Naked Don Vito 34.25
Black Sphynx Male
B/O: Lori and Victor Ricigliano

17 Cattail's Kiplings Bagheera 32.04
Black Cornish Rex Male
B: Susan Jo Siebecker and Lynn E. Ebert
O: Susan Jo Siebecker

18 Buctales Frosted Flake of CDreams 31.00
Brown McTabby and White Maine Coon Cat Male
B: Christine, Patrick, and Cathy Buck
O: Melanie and Carl Galka

19 Arctic Blue Soul Journey 30.31
Blue Lynx Point and White Ragdoll Male
B/O: Shelley Wood

20 Javahut Aroma Mocha 28.00
Brown Havana Brown Female
B/O: Geraldine and Dave McKerlie