2015-2016 North Central Regional Award Winning Cats

1 Bigelowbengls Tiny Mars 50.00 #1 IA
Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal Male
B/O: Chelsa Bigelow
2 Yash Atomic Kitten of Rokstarr 50.00 #2 IA
Black Bombay Female
B: Troy Weier, Brian Tripp, and Prudence Dorazio
O: Troy Weier, Brian Tripp, and Candace Rishavy
3 Lyati That Old Black Magic 47.75 #5 IA
Black British Shorthair Male
B: Patricia M. Day and Lyla M. Fauble
O: Patricia M. Day
4 McRuff Southernmost St Nicholas 44.92 #14 IA
Brown Tabby Maine Coon Cat Male
B/O: Mary Christina Shinkle
5 Purr-Cussion Ludwig 44.00 #18 IA
Red Lynx Point Birman Male
Carolyn and Richard Prucha
6 Katzjax Night Ranger 43.00
Black Himalayan Male
B/O: Kathy S. Taylor
7 Eaglerock Proud To Be an American 42.25
Silver Tabby American Shorthair Male
B: Joan Apel-Klarner, Donald Klarner, D. Apel, L. Anderson, and J. Latham
O: James and Phyllis Nelson
8 Psycatics Coonleidoscope 41.50
Brown Patched McTabby and White Maine Coon Cat Female
B/O: Lorelei Cauffman
9 CDreams Prince Charm Maine 36.42
Brown McTabby Maine Coon Cat Male
Carl and Melanie Galka
10 Psycatics Jaspurr 35.56
Red Tabby and White Maine Coon Cat Male
B: Lorelei Cauffman and Debra Northrop
O: Lorelei Cauffman
11 Cattail's Miss Lady JJ-Joy 35.04
Tortoiseshell and White Cornish Rex Female
B/O: Susan Jo Siebecker
12 Celestrail Olafs Summer Flower 34.88
Seal Lynx Point and White Ragdoll Male
B: Lynne and Steve Chmelar
O: Lynne Chmelar and Sarah Dias
13 Glenlea's Savana 34.25
Fawn Abyssinian Female

B: Brad and Donna Johnson
O: Brad and Donna Johnson, Brian Tripp, and Troy Weier
14 Heaven-Sent Two X Angel of Katspeek 33.79
Tortoiseshell and White Sphynx Female
B: Gloria and Alan R. Harding
O: Peter and Pat Smith
15 Ramatut Viper 29.63
Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal Female
B/O: Janice and Chris Becker
16 Luvnmittens L'mermaid of Valaming 27.38
Lilac Point Birman Female

B: Jon and Joann Brubacher
O:John and Jaimie Kirchhoff
17 Purr-Cussion Joplin Scott 25.06
Seal Point Birman Male
B: Richard, Carolyn, Nathaniel, and Kari Prucha
O: Carolyn and Richard Prucha
18 Kit-'N-Kabutal Uma Kahlua 22.75
Sable Burmese Female
B/O: Nancy Bisterfeldt
19 Woodwillow's Raggedy Anne 22.21
Cream Tabby and White Selkirk Rex Longhair Female
B: Alan and Pamela Lanners and Kim Bailey
O: Pamela and Alan Lanners

20 Cattail's Good Golly Miss Marly 21.33
Tortoiseshell Van Cornish Rex Female
B: Amy Niehaus and Susan Jo Siebecker
O: Susan Jo Siebecker