2012-2013 North Central Region Award Winners
Top 20 Cats Top 20 Kittens
Top 20 Alters Top 20 Household Pets

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Special congratulations go to our top winners in each category:

Woodwillow's Jack Kodiak (49.67) #1 IA
#1 cat in the North Central Region
Blue British Shorthair Male
B: Pamela Lanners
O: Alan and Pamela Lanners

Eaglerock Proud to Be an American (45.00) #3 IA
#1 kitten in the North Central Region
Silver Tabby American Shorthair Male
B: Joan Apel-Klarner, Donald Klarner, Dana Apel, Laurie Anderson and Jean Latham
O: James and Phyllis Nelson

Jucha Zorro of T C (50.00) #1 IA
#1 alter in the North Central Region
Chocolate Silver Spotted Tabby Ocicat Neuter
B: Ann and Joseph Jucha, Patti Arnold, and Sonia Moscoffian
O: Martice and Leon Carlson

Winterfell's Taffy of Maxcatz (49.58) #1 IA
#1 household pet in the North Central Region
Chocolate Tortoiseshell Van Spay
O: Maxine Bowers
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