2011-2012 North Central Regional Award Winning Kittens

1 Lookin to Score of Ramatut (47.17) #2 IA
Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal Male
B: Loretta and Jill Prendergast
O: Janice and Chris Becker and Jo Newton
2 Cattail's I'm Mister Blue Schmitty (46.17) #4 IA
Blue Cornish Rex Male
B: Susan Jo Siebecker
O: Susan Jo Siebecker and Kyle Baxter
3 Lyati Milord Blueberry Patch (46.17) #5 IA
Blue and White British Shorthair Neuter
B: Lyla M. Fauble and Patricia M. Day
O: Lyla M. Fauble
4 Qaypurrs Isaac of Sea R Paws (45.33) #6 IA
Red Point Birman Male
B: Harriet Seehusen
O: Nathaniel and Kari Prucha
5 Psycatics Hagrid of CDreams (45.00) #7 IA
Brown Tabby and White Maine Coon Cat Male
B: Lorelei Cauffman
O: Carl and Melanie Galka
6 Lyati Milady Skara Brae (42.92) #10 IA
Blue British Shorthair Female
B: Lyla Fauble and Patricia Day
O: Patricia M. Day and Lyla M. Fauble
7 Bejayese Caliopy of Woodwillow (42.25) #13 IA
Tortoiseshell and White British Shorthair Female
B: Pamela Lanners and Bev Speake
O: Alan and Pamela Lanners and Kayla Bos
8 Purr-Cussion Itune (41.81)
Seal Point Birman Male
B: Carolyn, Richard, Nathaniel, and Kari Prucha
O: Carolyn and Richard Prucha
9 Catequil Penelope Garcia, Bau (41.58) #16 IA
Brown Patched McTabby and White Norwegian Forest Cat Female
B: Lynn Landers-Dickinson, Lessee
O: Lynn Landers-Dickinson
10 Jucha Zorro of T C (40.79) #18 IA
Chocolate Silver Spotted Tabby Ocicat Male
B: Ann and Joseph Jucha, S Moscoffian, and Patti Arnold
O: Leon and Martice Carlson
11 Woodwillow's Afro-Dydee (39.75)
Lavender Cream and White Selkirk Rex Longhair Female
B: Pamela Lanners and Alan Lanners
O: Alan and Pamela Lanners and Kim Bailey
12 Countrygal Mystique (39.50)
Seal Tortie Point Himalayan Female
B/O: Lynn M. Staker
13 Shirwood's Foxy (39.42)
Blue Lynx Point Balinese Male
B/O: Shirley Filipello
14 Kat Tails Ruppertgiles of Psycatics (37.50)
Brown Tabby and White Maine Coon Cat Male
B/O: Kathy Hughes and Lorelei Cauffman
15 Kenwyn Joshara (37.50)
Seal Tortie Point Cornish Rex Female
B/O: Kathryn L. Owen and Sarah Walker
16 Cinc d'Artagnan of Psycatics (37.00)
Blue Tabby and White Maine Coon Cat Male
B: Sasha L Cline
O: Lorelei Cauffman
17 Winterfell Cam the Man (34.75)
Cameo Tabby and White Selkirk Rex Shorthair Male
B: Maxine Bowers and Lynn D. Landers-Dickinson
O: Lynn D. Landers-Dickinson and Maxine Bowers
18 Serenity Cats Kota of Imperial Rags (34.46)
Sable Shaded and White RagaMuffin Male
B: Jackie Prado
O: Kristen Wiley
19 Jordana's Scamper Sam (32.83)
Red Tabby Exotic Shorthair Male
B/O: Carol R. Jordan
20 Cinc Calamity Maine of Buctales (32.83)
Brown Patched Tabby Maine Coon Cat Female
B: Sasha L. Cline
O: Chris Buck and Lorelei Cauffman