2009-2010 North Central Regional Award Winning Cats


1 CDreams Jack Frost of Buctales (49.83) #2 IA
Copper-Eyed White Maine Coon Cat Male
B: Carl and Melanie Galka and Chris Buck
O: Chris and Patrick Buck and Cathy Earleson
2 Gunnin For Thrills of Ramatut (49.42) #3 IA
Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal Male
B: Melissa Leonard Ford
O: Janice and Chris Becker
3 Eaglerock First Dude (49.08) #4 IA
Silver Tabby American Shorthair Male
B/O: Don and Joan Klarner, Dana Apel, Laurie Sills Anderson, and Jean Latham
4 Psycatics Michelangelo (48.08) #6 IA
Brown McTabby and White Maine Coon Cat Male
B/O: Lorelei Cauffman
5 Lumeria's Dom Alekzandr (46.50) #8 IA
Brown Tabby Exotic Shorthair Male
B/O: Gina Ruth Stillwell
6 Snowy Paws Keep On Truckin (46.42) #9 IA
Blue Somali Male
B/O: Kathy Grant and Bill Beddie
7 Snowy Paws Fyrestarr of Chancery (45.75) #11 IA
Red Point Birman Male
B: Kathy Grant, Bill Beddie, and Alice Stone
O: Judy Liggett
8 Artshow Van Gogh (43.75) #15 IA
Red Somali Male
B/O: Ray and Sandy Benter
9 Purr-Cussion Gusto (43.75) #16 IA
Chocolate Point Birman Male
B: Richard and Carolyn Prucha
O: Carolyn, Richard, Nathaniel, and Kari Prucha
10 Lyati Milady Blueberry Eclaire (43.58) #17 IA
Blue British Shorthair Female
B: Lyla M. Fauble and Patricia M. Day
O: Lyla M. Fauble
11 Wiegehts Baby of Avazar (42.42) #20 IA
Blue Point Siamese Male
B: Carol Harding
O: James Lauer
12 Santal Fandango of Purr-Cussion (41.58)
Chocolate Tortie Lynx Point Birman Female
B: Carolyn Prucha and Cynthia Larson
O: Carolyn and Richard Prucha
13 Desselb Crete-of-Isle (39.00)
Ruddy Somali Male
B: Sue Pearson
O: Sue and Dennis Pearson
14 My Change-of-Heart of Arctic Blue (38.96)
Blue Point and White Ragdoll Male
B: Kelly Wright
O: Shelley Wood
15 Catequil Sookie Stackhouse (33.38)
Brown Patched Tabby and White Norwegian Forest Cat Female
B/O: Lynn Landers-Dickinson
16 Rivertown Midnite Rendezblu (27.69)
Blue Persian Male
B: Carl and Linda Sletten
O: Sylvia Sanchez
17 Purr-Cussion Deagan (26.25)
Seal Point Birman Male
B: Carolyn Prucha and Richard Prucha
O: Carolyn, Richard, Nathaniel, and Kari Prucha
18 Ouijakatz Kiera Kaye of Catequil (25.92)
Brown Patched McTabby and White Norwegian Forest Cat Female
B: Barbara and Brandy Midura
O: Lynn Landers-Dickinson and Maxine Bowers
19 Payfurpurr's Sandrina Siobian (25.50)
Platinum Mink Tonkinese Female
B/O: Jo Ann Kay Payfer
20 Woodwillow Mrs Beasley of Bejayese (25.25)
Chocolate Tortoiseshell and White Selkirk Rex SH Female
B: Pamela Lanners
O: Beverly Speake and Jo Newton