2008-2009 North Central Regional Award Winning Alters

1 Yeahimmy Baby Face Nelsen (50.00) #1 IA
Silver Tabby American Shorthair Neuter
Breeders: Jim and Phyllis Nelson, Lessee
Owners: Jim and Phyllis Nelson
2 Lyati Milady Dunderful (49.67) #3 IA
Blue British Shorthair Spay
Breeders: Lyla M. Fauble and Patricia M. Day
Owners: Lyla M. Fauble and Patricia M. Day
3 Ramatut Marbleous of Psycatics (47.25) #6 IA
Brown Marbled Tabby Bengal Spay
Breeders: Janice and Chris Becker and Linda Johnson
Owners: Lorelei Cauffman and Janice Becker
4 Wavelets Prof. Chaos of Kenwyn (45.75) #9 IA
Brown Patched Tabby and White Sphynx Spay
Breeder: Julie Williams
Owners: Kathryn L. Owen and Sarah M. Walker
5 Angelsongz Pirate Dun Durken (45.50) #11 IA
Cameo McTabby and White Maine Coon Cat Neuter
Breeders: Chris, Cathy, and Patrick Buck
Owners: Shelley Wood and Chris Buck
6 Purr-Cussion Emerson Drive (45.25) #12 IA
Seal Tortie Point Birman Spay
Breeders: Kari, Nathaniel,Caroline, and Richard Prucha
Owners: Nathaniel and Kari Prucha
7 Lyati Milord Little Boy Blue (45.17) #13 IA
Blue British Shorthair Neuter
Breeders: Lyla M. Fauble and Patricia M. Day
Owner: Lyla M. Fauble
8 Purr-Cussion Arpeggio (43.83) #15 IA
Red Point Birman Neuter
Breeders: Carolyn and Richard Prucha
Owners: Carolyn and Richard Prucha
9 Shirwood's Catatoullie (43.83) #16 IA
Lilac Lynx Point Balinese Neuter
Breeder: Shirley Filipello
Owner: Shirley Filipello
10 Mikyttens In Like Flynn (42.75) #18 IA
Seal Lynx Point and White Ragdoll Neuter
Breeder: Cheryl Vollmer
Owners: Greg and Marlys Bartling
11 LGJ's Eleanor (41.75)
Brown Patched Spotted Tabby Exotic Shorthair Spay
Breeder: Linda Bruestle
Owner: Linda Bruestle
12 Wolf Bane of Kenwyn (39.83)
Brown McTabby Cornish Rex Neuter
Breeders: Mark and Sharon McKenzie
Owners: Kathryn Owen and S Walker and M McKenzie
13 Murrznpurrz Charmed of Chaos (39.33)
Brown Patched Tabby and White American Shorthair Spay
Breeders: Karen Podella and Darren Reiman
Owners: Deborah Wich and Jim and Suzanne Kralick
14 Foxers What Me Worry (38.79)
Cream and White Manx Neuter
Breeders: Lynn Fox and Jill Hoover
Owners: Lynn Fox, Jill Hoover, Al and Thresa Buehler
15 Celestrail Johnny Blaze of Cinc (37.50)
Seal Point and White Ragdoll Neuter
Breeders: Lynne and Steve Chmelar
Owner: Sasha Leigh Cline
16 Myzots Denny "Hurricane” Hamlin (35.63)
Black and White Longhair Exotic Neuter
Breeders: Tim Murphy and Glenn Ravellette
Owners: Matt and Karen Overholser
17 Mufnhonez Danika of Muffin Mania (34.94)
Sable Silver McTabby and White Ragamuffin Spay
Breeder: Donna Kelly
Owner: Melody Piazza
18 There Is Noah Place Like Home (33.13)
Cinnamon Spotted Tabby Ocicat Neuter
Breeder: S. Moscoffian
Owners: MaryAnn and Jim Chase
19 Purr-Cussion Zippididadah (31.04)
Red Point Birman Neuter
Breeder: Carolyn Prucha
Owners: Nathaniel and Kari Prucha
20 Muffin Mania Dublin (30.71)
Cream Mink McTabby and White Ragamuffin Neuter
Breeders: Tom and Melody Piazza
Owner: Stephanie Gron