2007-2008 North Central Regional Award Winning Kittens

1 CDreams Wolfmaine (49.00) #1 IA
Brown McTabby Maine Coon Cat Male
Breeders: Carl Galka, Melanie Markle, and Chris Buck
Owners: Melanie and Carl Galka

2 Artshow Toulouse (48.67) #2 IA
Ruddy Somali Male
Breeder/Owners: Ray - Sandy Benter

3 Rivertown One Nite Stand (47.83) #6 IA
Black Persian Female
Breeder/Owner: Carl and Linda Sletten

4 Ramatut Marbleous of Psycatics (45.67) #8 IA
Brown Marbled Tabby Bengal Female
Breeders: Janice and Chris Becker and Linda Johnson
Owners: Lorelei Cauffman and Janice Becker

5 Bejayese Blonde James Blonde (44.25) #10 IA
Cream British Shorthair Male
Breeders/Owners: Beverly Speake and Andrew Speake

6 Emmylou of Purr-Cussion (44.08) #11 IA
Seal Point Birman Female
Breeder: Kathleen Hooper
Owners: Caroline, Richard, Nathaniel, and Kari Prucha and C Larson

7 Elvis Kitkat's One Tuff Cookie (42.33) #12 IA
Brown Patched McTabby Persian Female
Breeders: Sandra and Therion Pringle
Owners: Carl and Linda Sletten

8 Kenwyn Ollivander (39.33) #14 IA
Seal Point Cornish Rex Male
Breeders/Owners: Dr Kathryn L Owen and Sarah Walker

9 Psycatics Dancin' Helio of Buctales (39.33) #15 IA
Silver McTabby Maine Coon Cat Male
Breeder: Lorelei Cauffman
Owners: Chris and Patrick Buck and Cathy Earleson

10 Foxers What Me Worry (36.75)
Cream and White Manx Male
Breeders: Lynn Fox and Jill Hoover
Owners: L Fox / Jill Hoover / A and T Buehler

11 Kats Kits Embrace Me (34.46)
Blue Point Birman Male
Breeder/ Owner: Kat Doring

12 Countrygal America On Line (32.56)
Seal Tortie Lynx Point Himalayan Female
Breeder/Owner: Lynn Staker

13 LGJ’s Barrington (32.54)
Brown Spotted Tabby Exotic Shorthair Male
Breeders/Owner: Linda Bruestle

14 Shirwood's Little Beast (31.94)
Chocolate Lynx Point Balinese Female
Breeder/Owner: Shirley Filipello

15 Kolb's Akemi of Staniak (30.50)
Ebony Silver Spotted Tabby Oriental Shorthair Female
Breeders: Sandy and Kevin Kolb
Owners: Julie and Jason Staniak

16 LGJ's Nora (30.33)
Brown Patched Tabby Exotic Shorthair Female
Breeder/Owner: Linda Bruestle

17 Treepaw Sebastian Joe of Payfurpurr (29.69)
Platinum Point Tonkinese Male
Breeder: J. Wayne Crabtree
Owner: Joann Kay Payfer

18 Arctic Blue Minuet In B (29.46)
Blue Point and White Ragdoll Female
Breeder/Owner: Shelley Wood

19 Purr-Cussion Ethel Bermen (29.17)
Red Point Birman Female
Breeders/Owners: Nathaniel and Kari Prucha

20 Purr-Cussion Emerson Drive (29.13)
Seal Tortie Point Birman Female
Breeders: Kari, Nathaniel, Caroline, and Richard Prucha
Owner: Nathaniel and Kari Prucha