2007-2008 North Central Regional Award Winning Cats

1 Eaglerock Pretty Boy of Yeahimmy (50.00) #1 IA
Silver Tabby American Shorthair Male
Breeders: D and J Klarner / D Apel/ L Anderson/ J Latham
Owners: Jim and Phyllis Nelson

2 Artshow Toulouse (49.08) #4 IA
Ruddy Somali Male
Breeder: Ray and Sandy Benter
Owner: Ray and Sandy Benter

3 Ramatut Marbleous of Psycatics (47.42) #6 IA
Brown Marbled Tabby Bengal Female
Breeders: Janice and Chris Becker and Linda Johnson
Owners: Lorelei Cauffman and Janice Becker

4 CDreams Wolfmaine (45.67) #10 IA
Brown McTabby Maine Coon Cat Male
Breeders: Carl Galka, Melanie Markle, and Chris Buck
Owners: Melanie and Carl Galka

5 Rivertown Godfather Part Blu (42.92) #13 IA
Blue Tabby Persian Male
Breeders/Owners: Carl and Linda Sletten

6 Woodwillow's Masked Bandit (42.83) #14 IA
Red Tabby & White Selkirk Rex Shorthair Male
Breeder: Pamela K. Lanners
Owners: Pamela Lanners and Karen Overholser

7 Purr-Cussion Deagan (42.83) #15 IA
Seal Point Birman Male
Breeders: Carolyn Prucha and Richard Prucha
Owners: Carolyn, Richard, Nathaniel, and Kari Prucha

8 Tarajoy's Hot Stuff of Jordana (41.42) #16 IA
Red Tabby Exotic Shorthair Male
Breeders: Joy Jacobson, S. Fraser, and L. Rhodes
Owner: Carol Jordan

9 Arctic Blue Coppers Last Stand (41.33) #17 IA
Blue Point & White Ragdoll Male
Breeder/Owner: Shelley Wood

10 Cree's Hum-dinger of One Cat (40.63) #19 IA
Brown Tabby Maine Coon Cat Male
Breeders: Bill and Jean Lipscomb
Owner: Jennifer Dykhuizen

11 Koblizek's Tymora (40.25)
Chocolate Point Siamese Female
Breeder: Lois Koblizek
Owners: Julie and Jason Staniak

12 Payfurpurr's Tanqueray Of Tipsycats (39.67)
Platinum Mink Tonkinese Female
Breeder: Joann Kay Payfer
Owner: Wendy Meyer

13 Muffin Mania Truman (37.67)
Cream Lynx Point & White Ragamuffin Male
Breeders/Owners: Tom and Melody Piazza

14 Katomymme Jitterbug (36.33)
Tortoiseshell & White Selkirk Rex Shorthair Female
Breeder/Owner: Victoria Pecotich

15 Foxers What Me Worry (32.38)
Cream & White Manx Male
Breeder: Lynn Fox and Jill Hoover
Owner: L Fox / Jill Hoover / A and T Buehler

16 Purr-Cussion Elvis Prezly (31.96)
Chocolate Point Birman Male
Breeders: Richard and Carolyn Prucha
Owners: Carolyn, Richard, Nathaniel, and Kari Prucha

17 Devande's Tia Of TODA (31.06)
Blue Abyssinian Female
Breeders: S and J Vande Sande and M Zehnder
Owners: D Lalley, S and J Vande Sande and M Zehnder

18 Kenwyn Ollivander (30.00)
Seal Point Cornish Rex Male
Breeders/Owners: Dr. Kathryn L. Owen and Sarah Walker

19 Cattail's I'm Miss Tiger Lily Too (29.33)
Tortoiseshell & White Cornish Rex Female
Breeder/Owner: Susan Jo Siebecker

20 Excel Lakota Dreamer Of Wee Three (28.38)
Seal Point Siamese Male
Breeder: Jack and Bobbie Brown
Owner: Lee and Lonnie Alitz