2007-2008 North Central Regional Award Winning Alters

1 Katzenfur De' Ja Blu of Rivertown (50.00) #1 IA
Blue Persian Neuter
Breeder: Carol Fengel
Owners: Carl and Linda Sletten

2 Catequil Wyatt Curlp (50.00) #2 IA
Brown McTabby and White Selkirk Rex Shorthair Neuter
Breeders: Lynn Landers-Dickinson
Owner: Patti Day and Jo and Glen Newton and Bev Speake

3 Lyati Milord Little Boy Blue (49.08) #3 IA
Blue British Shorthair Neuter
Breeder: Lyla M Fauble and Patricia M Day
Owner: Lyla M Fauble

4 Argus of Psycatics (48.67) #5 IA
Brown Tabby and White Norwegian Forest Cat Neuter
Breeder: Suzanne Eide and Cheryl McConnell
Owner: Lorelei Cauffman

5 Purr-Cussion Zippididadah (48.58) #6 IA
Red Point Birman Neuter
Breeder: Carolyn Prucha
Owner: Nathaniel and Kari Prucha

6 Woodwillow Louey Louey (46.75) #11 IA
Red and White Selkirk Rex Longhair Neuter
Breeder: Pamela K. Lanners
Owner: Pamela Lanners and Karen Overholser

7 Faramir of North Rangers (45.75) #13 IA
Brown Tabby and White Persian Neuter
Breeder: Pamila Bitler
Owner: Matt and Karen Overholser

8 Purr-Cussion Arpeggio (45.50) #14 IA
Red Point Birman Neuter
Breeders/Owners: Carolyn and Richard Prucha

9 Angelsongz Missy Toes (44.92) #15 IA
Brown Tabby and White Maine Coon Cat Spay
Breeders: Chris and Cathy and Patrick Buck
Owners: Chris and Cathy and Patrick Buck

10 Wavelets Prof. Chaos of Kenwyn (44.17) #17 IA
Brown Patched Tabby and White Sphynx Spay
Breeder: Julie Williams
Owner: Kathryn L Owen and Sarah M. Walker

11 Mufnhonez Danika of Muffin Mania (41.42)
Sable Silver McTabby and White Ragamuffin Spay
Breeder: Donna Kelly
Owner: Melody Piazza

12 Plumecrazy Shooting Star (40.38)
Copper-Eyed White Maine Coon Cat Neuter
Breeders: Lisa and Stan Ferguson
Owners: Kitty Osborn , Jan Welin and Lisa and Stan Ferguson

13 Smokin' Dusty Levis (39.00)
Ebony Smoke and White Oriental Shorthair Neuter
Breeder: Christine Willingham
Owners: Maryann and Jim Chase and Christine Willingham

14 Raglegends Gamblin On Rio (38.83)
Seal Point and White Ragdoll Neuter
Breeder: Ryan D. Fuller
Owner: Marlys Bartling

15 Phantasia Jennyanncurl of Kideze (36.75)
Blue Patched Tabby American Curl Long Hair Spay
Breeder: Mary P. Hare
Owner: Nancy Curtis

16 Charlie Wonka (34.46)
Chocolate Spotted Tabby Ocicat Neuter
Breeder: Roger and Nay Brown
Owner: Martice Carlson

17 Artshow Li'l Elegance of Snowy Paws (32.58)
Ruddy Somali Spay
Breeder: Ray and Sandy Benter
Owner: Kathy Grant and Bill Beddie

18 Koblizek Jumpin Jackflash (22.92)
Seal Point Siamese Neuter
Breeder: Lois Koblizek
Owner: James Lauer

19 Purr-Cussion Beethoven of Valaming (22.58)
Chocolate Point Birman Neuter
Breeder: Richard and Carolyn Prucha
Owner: John Kirchhoff

20 Lady Lilybelle (21.88)
Blue Patched McTabby Devon Rex Spay
Breeder: Sheila Parvin
Owners: Maryann Chase and James Chase