2016-2017 North Central Regional Award Winning Cats

2016-2017 Winners
2015-2016 Winner Slides

1 Psycatics Jaspurr 47.58 #8 IA
Red Tabby and White Maine Coon Cat Male
B: Lorelei Cauffman and Debra Northrop
O: Lorelei Cauffman

2 Kanchenjunga Milord Thomas of Lyati 46.75 #9 IA
Blue British Shorthair Male
B: Ms. R. Roberts-Thomson
O: Lyla M. Fauble


3 Psycatics Jack Maxwell 46.33 #10 IA
Brown McTabby and White Maine Coon Cat Male
B/O: Lorelei Cauffman

4 Katzjax Atlanta 42.13
Seal Tortie Point Himalayan Female
B/O: Kathy S. Taylor


5 Chocolatier of Kernewek 41.33 #16 IA
Chocolate Cornish Rex Male
B: Daedra Marshall
O: Barbara Jewell and Robert Jewell


6 Ragsnriches Ventura Highway 38.75
Blue Point and White Ragdoll Male
B: Scottie Cone
O: Mark Vollmer and Candace Rishavy


7 Catequil's Arrows Thea Queen 37.19
Brown Tabby and White Norwegian Forest Cat Female
B/O: Lynn Landers-Dickinson


8 Davenny Milady Victorvicky of Lyati 35.88
Blue British Shorthair Female
B: Penny Allen
O: Lyla M. Fauble


9 Frederick Finnegan of Bengl Buddies 35.63
Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal Male
B: Tatyana Davidyuk
O: Diana Jagiella


10 Ja Da Moonshine Crusher of Kideze 35.54
Silver McTabby Exotic Shorthair Male
B: Janet M. Rook and Nicki Sage
O: Nancy Curtis


11 Caramel Latte of Javahut 34.08
Black Smoke Tortoiseshell and White Scottish Fold Shorthair Female
B: William Schaefer
O: Geraldine McKerlie


12 Hyper Crush of Rokstarr 31.75
Black Bombay Female
B: Roy G. Carney
O: Troy Weier, Brian Tripp, and Roy G. Carney


13 Arctic Blue Soul Journey 31.38
Blue Lynx Point and White Ragdoll Male
B/O: Shelley Wood


14 Purr-Cussion Nashville 29.06
Red Point Birman Male
B: Carolyn and Richard Prucha and Cynthia Anne Larson, DVM
O: Lacey Mehltretter and Carolyn and Richard Prucha


15 Sunnyshores Sailor of Arctic Blue 28.71
Blue Point and White Ragdoll Male
B: Rachel Robinson Zimmer
O: Shelley Wood

16 Judon's Olaf-of-the North 28.38
Brown Tabby Exotic Shorthair Male
B: Donald Finger
O: Jody Lawson


17 Purr-Cussion Miss Musser 26.88
Chocolate Tortie Lynx Point Birman Female
B/O: Carolyn and Richard Prucha

18 K-La Bella of Woodwillow 26.13
Blue British Shorthair Female
B: Colin and Jo Cornwall and Kathleen and Douglas Von Aswege
O: Pamela Lanners


19 Cheveyo Aussie King of Silver Ash 24.88
Silver Tabby American Shorthair Male
B: Jo Dennington
O: Diane Rogers


20 Valaming Nevaeh Angel 24.83
Blue Point Birman Female
B/O: John and Jaimie Kirchhoff